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Bollinger Design Studio, LLC is a New Mexico-based studio that believes in an expansive approach to design and its possibilities. Matthew Bollinger, founder, was trained as an artist and architect, which instilled him with some important lessons about the creative process: how to think in all four dimensions; that imagination should be tempered by practical thinking; and that no matter how incredible the building is, it only works if people can use it.

Often we're asked what kind of work we focus on and this inevitably brings a strange moment in which we try to answer truthfully and yet in a succinct manner. The reality is that our studio purposely does not focus on one particular type of client or medium. One of the great joys of design is that content, goals, and form are ever-changing and of endless variety. Each new client or project is an opportunity for immersion in a new world with it's own unique challenges. Projects types have included websites, identity, brand strategy, exhibition design, 3D modeling, motion graphics, installations and various ideas in making that can only be classified as experimental.

Instead of a narrow lens of specialization, we focus our work through an ethos of quality and craftsmanship, and a boots on the ground approach to bringing ideas to reality. We have an earnest belief in partnership, and the ability of design to improve and clarify. Together, with a focused team of talented individuals, we aspire to create work that is smart, functional and handsome, regardless of medium or market.



Based in Albuquerque-New Mexico, Bollinger Design Studio, LLC was founded by Matthew Bollinger in 2010 after spending many years working as an independent designer, artist, and architectural professional. We facilitate a network of creative expertise in web debelopment, graphic design and media – comprising a talented team of experienced professionals to meet your design goals.

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