Professor Mead



UNM School of Architecture + Planning asked Bollinger Design Studio to design and develop a website to celebrate the teaching career of Christopher Mead. He has taught since 1980 at the University of New Mexico, where he is a Presidential Teaching Fellow and Regents' Professor with joint faculty appointments in the School of Architecture and Planning and the College of Fine Arts.

The website is focused on an exhibition/event with two primary parts: On Architecture (former student work) and On Teaching (symposium).

"The former students invited to participate in this exhibition were asked to present their professional development as it reflected on their education at the University of New Mexico. What they submitted varies widely: some are experienced architects with many years of practice, others are just starting their careers; some have focused on architectural design, while others have applied their training in alternative ways, from planning to digital media. Each one is finding his or her own way. That is as it should be: they are teaching themselves."

Christopher Mead


CLIENT: Christopher Mead


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